Awareness & Safety

It seems the recent weather events of Spring 2011 have increased awareness for weather safety. Cities and towns across the country who once thought they were immune to severe weather, have been hit by several devastating tornadoes. This includes Iowa towns such as Mapleton and Pocahontas as well as big cities across the US such as St. Louis and Raleigh, NC.

In the spirit of increasing awareness of Severe Weather, I’ve posted some helpful information below.

Weather Radio Information:

Where to purchase a NOAA weather radio:

Midland WR-100 weather radios can be purchased from many local Hy-Vee stores for about $30.

Oregon Scientific WR601 portable weather radios are available from your local Fareway stores for about $30.

Weather Radio Store dot com is another great resource for a radio. They have all makes and models available at great prices.

Programming information:

Most weather radios today are S.A.M.E (Specific Area Message Encoding) capable. What does this mean? Well it means that you can program the radio to only alert you when there’s a watch/warning/etc issued for your county. You can do this by programming in your county’s FIPS code. You can locate the code for your countyhere.

You also must find the closest NOAA weather radio transmitter to you. Some radios do this automatically, while others you must manually set up. A list of the radio transmitters can be found here.

Family Preparedness:

Every member of your family should know what to do in the event of Severe Weather. Please practice your emergency drills often, so that everyone is familiar with them. General family preparedness information can be found here. NOAA has a great site full of information regarding all kinds of severe weather. It even includes coloring books for kids!