05.23.07 – SW IA Chase

Iowa receives some storm action, even though the main show is further south…

Well today was a VERY frustrating day to forecast a chase target in Iowa. I’m on vacation, but plan on spending some $$ on a little trip later this week (more details later). So needless to say, I decided to go out for a “chase” in SW IA today.

I spent much of the day looking over models, current indices, etc. Everything was ALL over the map. I don’t think any 2 things lined up in one area. So I decided to go with the ol gut and head for SW IA. Temps were 5-10 degrees warmer down there so I figured that’d be the first place to heat up.

I finally headed out the door around 2pm, with the SPC issuing a SVR watch as I pulled out of the driveway. The watch was for a good portion of KS and ended up in SW IA. OK, this should work! Using my faithful laptop with associated software as usual, I noticed storms beginning to fire in my target area. I wasn’t expecting much, since we’d been in cloud cover all day and most of the action being in OK/TX area. But hey, a storm’s a storm right?

I continued heading SW, ending up just W of Creston, Iowa. Not really wanting to core punch in a hailer with my “new to me” car, I turned north and kept just East of the line of storms. Lightning was infrequent and kind of a pain to try and catch.

Winding SW IA on some very interesting roads, I finally ended up back in Winterset, IA. As I was leaving town, an outflow boundry caught up to me and wow did it blow! Winds went from the South to the West. I headed east towards home, where I was met by a nice torrential downpour. Nothing like a free car wash eh?

Final thoughts: Well not much on the storm front (no pun intended…well ok, maybe). It was nice to get out and test things out in the new vehicle. Everything worked flawlessly. I’m looking forward to when I get all my toys in it.

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