09June06 — A nice Friday night drive

After looking things over, I decided on Carroll, IA as my target. A cold front was progged to enter the state from the NW area and sweep through the state over night. Things still looked a bit iffy, but since it’d been awhile since I’d been out in that neck of the woods, I decided to head out anyway.

After arriving in Carroll, not much was happening. The latest information from the SPC indicated due to the large amount of CINH (Cap) over the area, storms wouldn’t be firing untill at least 6pm. I found a nice place on the west side of town and decided to sit and check out the current weather situation. Getting really bored, I decided to hop on yahoo and see if anybody was on. My friend Stan was also monitoring the area keeping tabs on several of us. He told me a few members of INCHASE were in Casey, IA and heading my way. Hmm, I’m always game for a little chaser convergence. While waiting for them to arrive, I decided to give into my growling appetite and hit a very busy Arby’s.

Clay, Joe, and John from INCHASE rolled into town and we hooked up at the local Burger King where they grabbed a quick bite to eat. We then headed back over to my little spot and monitored the weather from there. The storms near Sioux City were dying and multiple cells attempted to get going, but just fizzled out. I hate the CAP!!! Finally about 930pm we called it a night and headed our seperate ways..Me back home and Clay, Joe, and John headed to a local motel for the night.

Final Thoughts: Well I hate busting, but at least I got to meet some fellow chasers from Indiana! Maybe next time….



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