12 March 2006 High Risk

Well I decided to play the odds and well….If only…..

1:15ish CST: I finally decided to head out towards S/SE IA. The SPC still had the high risk out for a good portion of the Midwest, including SE IA. An elevated storm was entering far southern Iowa and trucking NE. These puppies were moving NE at like 50-60mph. Being caught up in lap traffic LOL, I know I wasn’t gonna intercept the first storm. Visibility was really bad also, as I was north of the warm front.

As soon as I turned south from Unionville, Iowa onto Appanoose Co T61, I noticed hail litering the highway. The hail had probably fallen 10-15 min earlier. I continued down T61 and then turned east on Hwy 2. My favorite road for finding farmers and other slow drivers. I traveled to the Bloomfield, IA which was my original target. A HUGE storm was off to my far SW and trucking towards me. Of course it started falling apart long before it arrived. I decided to head South into MO (what was I thinking!?!?!) . I ran into the remnants of the storm about Lancaster, MO. I traveled west on a wonderful 2 lane MO road and than started back north on another wonderful narrow 2 lane county road. Just south of Centerville, IA I pulled off and snapped a couple of pics of the beautiful cauliflowers around me. Being it was getting dark, I headed back home.

Final Thoughts: Having being tethered close to home due to work the next day, this chase was kinda worthless. But at least I got out and got to play!! Most of the action occured later on, as a big complex of storms moved in from MO. Big Hail in the dark…YUCK!!!

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