A frustrating day of chasing

Mother Nature wins again!

25 May had been forecast to be an interesting day of weather to say the least. The storm system that had been responsible for all the action in Kansas was set to slide east and provide some entertaining weather here in Iowa. Due to another situation, I was not able to join to many, many chasers in Kansas over the weekend, as I’d have hoped. Instead I opted for a local Iowa chase.

Having poured over the computer models, I decided to head to North Central / NE IA. A few of my fellow chasers evidently decided the same thing. Having gotten about 30 min from home, the SPC issued a PDS Tornado Watch for a portion of NE Iowa. Ok, so maybe my thinking isn’t all that bad. Rather than taking the quickest way north, I decided to conserve some fuel and head up the way instead (one of many bad decisions!). Storms began to fire to my NW and I decided (again wrong!) to head after the northern cell, approaching Charles City. I booked it north, driving along/beside the southern cell, which of course went on to produce the long track tornado. Of course after I arrived north, the cell turned into an elevated hailer and I booked it back south, in hopes of catching the southern cell, as I was hearing reports of the major tornado. By thing time I was behind it and my southern access was cut off by the massive damage to Parkersburg, etc along Highway 57. I decided to turn around and head back to the interstate along highway 3.

After sliding down the interstate, I noticed some new development SW of Ames. I booked it down to Ames and headed W/SW. Of course, as my luck was running, the cell became outflow dominant and didn’t give me much of anything, but a nice sunset. By this time I was thoroughly frustrated and decided to head home.

Hopefully we can get these gas prices under control, as they’re outrageous! Fueling up at $3.79/gal sucks! Total mileage for this day of frustration: 420. Let’s hope next time turns out better!


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