A little fun on the way home

After being stuck at work, I managed to find a little fun on the way home….Numerous SVR and TOR warnings had been issued for several storms racing across the state. Having been stuck at work for most of em, I managed to get to play for a few minutes on the way home. Deciding to play things smart, I went south instead of west. Going west from work would have put me right in the middle of a nasty lookin squall line, which a few of my counter parts ended up in. 80mph winds were reported with this line and I really didn’t think I needed to be in the middle of a hurricane!

I opted instead to head south, towards home. Booking down Hwy 5 through NE Warren County, I decided to head south on Co. Hwy S23 and take a gander at an interesting feature developing with the shelf cloud approaching from the west. Unfortunately, my end of the line was dying off. After watching things for a few minutes, I decided to head on home, as it had been a long day at work to begin with.


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