A Little Jaunt….

Mother Nature’s unpredictability gets me again!

Massive amounts of severe weather was on going across the middle of the country. We up here had a small short at some action, as a warm front was moving close to SE IA, while a Low trailing a cold front was forecast to move in from the west.

Skies remained overcast for the most part in Central Iowa, while things started to break up somewhat to the SE. Temps were around 70 in SE Iowa, when the SPC put out and MCD for a possible tornado watch if things continued to progress. Of course, I couldn’t be that lucky!

Around 3pm CDT, I decided to pack stuff up and head out. Storms were beginning to fire in Northern MO, and moving NE at a fairly good clip. After watching a couple of radar scans, they look to be building pretty well. So I headed out the door, heading for a tentative target of Ottumwa, Iowa.

Traveling south, I monitored the radar and watched the storms fall apart. Upon arriving in Ottumwa, more storms began to fire back to my NW. So, I turned around and headed back up the road towards Eddyville. Just outside of town, I stopped and snapped a couple of photos of some rain bands. Other than that, there were no other features apparent. After sitting through a wonderful downpour, I packed it up and headed home.

On a side note, gravel roads are still a huge problem around the area with all the snow melt and rain we’ve had lately. It certainly makes it fun trying to find somewhere safe to pull off and watch the storms!

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