A Southwest Iowa adventure

Today, I decided I was going to go against the Storm Prediction Center and choose my own destiny. 😉  The models forecasted an area of increased CAPE, EHI, and good LI values in far SW IA / SE NE.  Of course there was also the issue of the darn cap and a general lack of moisture.  I joined several other chasers in the area for an evening of late initiation and a little rain.

A single multi-cellular storm started to grow against the cap just SE of Lincoln, NE at about 7pm as we had all figured.  I had initially staged in Red Oak while awaiting the cap to break.  I proceeded SW of Red Oak, Iowa, ending up on a lovely 2 lane county road.  Low and behold I ran into the Vortex 2 armada as they’re known. I snapped a few pics and started heading back east, hoping the storm would grow.  As has been my luck this year, the storm was killed by the lack of moisture and the cap.

It was a fun, yet long drive; ending up with a mileage of 365 miles with not much of anything to show for it. Oh well! Better luck next time right?

Chase Map

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