Mike Cox was born and raised in Central Iowa and currently resides there today.  Photography became one of his main hobbies at an early age, and continues to this day.  Mike enjoys capturing a wide variety of subject matter from antique scenes (Days Gone By), cityscapes, landscapes, news events, to weather.

When not working his full time job in the medical field, Mike can be found out and about on various photo projects as well as storm chasing, which he has done for the last 18+ years.  Mike also enjoys teaching photography techniques to various groups and individuals.

Like many other photographers, Mike started off with several simple cameras, before ending up with the coveted Pentax K-1000 35mm SLR.  Mike shot 1,000 of photos with his K-1000 before retiring it for the digital age in the mid 2000’s.  Mike currently shoots with Nikon and Sony based gear.