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09June06 — A nice Friday night drive

After looking things over, I decided on Carroll, IA as my target. A cold front was progged to enter the state from the NW area and sweep through the state over night. Things still looked […]

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25May06 – A little storm action in KY

I decided to take a little vacation in May and traveled down to visit my friends down in Lexington, KY. While I was down there, a small squall line moved through. I’ve posted a few […]

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15Apr06 — SW IA Chase

Today was an iffy day, as I would call it. I didn’t put a whole lot of faith into today’s set up, but feeling the need to get out, I decided to take a chance. […]

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Davis County Chase 02April06

Today had promise as a complicated weather system was setting up across the Midwest. For the second time in as many months, a triple point was forecast to move across KS/MO/OK/AR/TX. With that, Iowa was […]

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A little fun on the way home

After being stuck at work, I managed to find a little fun on the way home….Numerous SVR and TOR warnings had been issued for several storms racing across the state. Having been stuck at work […]

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12 March 2006 High Risk

Well I decided to play the odds and well….If only….. 1:15ish CST: I finally decided to head out towards S/SE IA. The SPC still had the high risk out for a good portion of the […]

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