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A frustrating day of chasing

Mother Nature wins again!

25 May had been forecast to be an interesting day of weather to say the least. The storm system that had been responsible for all the action in Kansas was set to slide east and provide some entertaining weather here in Iowa. Due to another situation, I was not able to join to many, many chasers in Kansas over the weekend, as I’d have hoped. Instead I opted for a local Iowa chase.

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06 May Chase NW IA

Again, didn’t see much, but had some after work fun! What a long day at work… Wanting to chase and having to do all my normal duties. I did manage to look over the forecast […]

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Cold Core Event

I just happened to get off work early and managed to see some storm action! Thursday April 10 looked to be a meager chase day. I had to work as usual so I pretty much […]

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A Little Jaunt….

Mother Nature’s unpredictability gets me again! Massive amounts of severe weather was on going across the middle of the country. We up here had a small short at some action, as a warm front was […]

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First chase of the year

After installing my new ham radio, I decided to head south in hopes of catching some storms to ease the bad case of SDS I have. The weird weather continues! My eyes couldn’t believe it […]

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