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December’s Photo of the Month

I decided to do something a little different for this month’s Photo of the Month. I don’t normally shoot people as everyone knows, but I recently had a chance to shoot my first band during […]

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November’s Photo of the Month

I traveled several hundred miles in October in search of both fall harvest photo opportunities as well as fall colors. Both of which seemed to have eluded me somewhat this year. While on one of […]

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October’s Photo of the Month

The choice for this month’s Photo of the Month was an extremely easy one to choose. Having tried countless times to capture the beautiful glow of the Northern Lights from Central Iowa, I was finally […]

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September’s Photo of the Month

This image comes from the Dawn Patrol as part of the National Balloon Classic held every year in Indianola, Iowa.  This was first ever visit to the Dawn Patrol event, but certainly is not going […]

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August’s Photo of the Month

The month quickly got away from me, but here’s my Photo of the Month for August.  This beautiful scene was captured in SE Iowa during a recent day trip traveling various back roads.  

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July’s Photo of the Month

This was another hard decision to make as I shot LOTS of great photos in June.  However I finally settled on this shot of the Milky Way shot in Southern Iowa during the dark moon […]

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June’s Photo of the Month

Kansas City, MO’s skyline provided this month’s addition to the photo of the month lineup.  This shot was taken from the WWI memorial looking north in early May. As you can tell, this was captured […]

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May’s Photo of the Month

This was one of many images captured during a storm chase on April 15th, 2017.  This image of blossoming convection was taken NW of Westboro, MO.

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February’s Photo of the Month

I took A LOT of photos in January, so it was definitely hard to pick out just one favorite.  But I decided on the following shot as my February Photo of the Month: Info: A […]

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