Early morning storm action

The ol Weather Alert is mighty loud @ 0500!!

With all this weekend’s severe weather, I really didn’t think we’d end up with much here in Central Iowa, but man was I wrong! The SPC issued a SVR watch for a very impressive line of storms S-L-O-W-L-Y moving across the state. This impressive looking on radar line of storms was moving at a lightning speed of 18 knots (about 20 mph). So needless to say between the time of the first round of warnings to the time it actually got here was well over an hour.

Wind wasn’t really a factor with this line, as first thought, just lots more heavy rain. If you’ve been following the news/weather around the state lately, you’ll know that we need more rain right now like we need another war!

I’m hoping things clear out at some point today, as this’ll allow the atmosphere to heat up and possibly lead to a chase later this afternoon.

I’ve included some radar images below from the large line of storms and associated heavy rain.

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