First chase of the year results in a bust

Date of Chase: May 12, 2005
Primary Target: Clarinda, Iowa
Total Miles: 300
Chase Time: 5 hours

After doing a lot of radar chasing this year, I convinced myself to
head out to SW IA, after receiving a favorable Mesoscale Discussion
from the SPC.

Heading out the door, the sky is overcast and things are really
hazy. Latest Satellite images show a little clearing in SW IA, so hey
things may be looking up right? WRONG!! As I travel down Hwy 34, I
decided to start pulling up radar. Nice cells have formed in extreme SE
Nebraska and are moving towards my target area. Things are still
overcast and hazy, but maybe there’s some hope still… As I get close
to Clarinda, a TOR is issued for the cell just over the Missouri River,
heading NE. Come on, you can do it!

As has been the case alot this year, as soon as the storms cross the
river, they begin to fall apart and merge into a line. DOH! The storms
turn into heavy rain producers with some small hail thrown in for good
measure. After topping off the ol gas tank, I turn around and head
home. Disappointed again!

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