First chase of the year

After installing my new ham radio, I decided to head south in hopes of catching some storms to ease the bad case of SDS I have.

The weird weather continues! My eyes couldn’t believe it when looking at the SPC outlook today and seeing the slight risk for Southern Iowa. Of course at the same time, the NWS had Southern Iowa in a 10% chance of 4″ of snow. Hmm, on the same day?

So after running a quick errand on the southside of Des Moines, I headed south. Looking on GR with the metars plotted you could sure see the cold front a coming! I was in the warm sector with temps into the low 60’s. Behind the front, temps were in the 30’s. Brr!

I decided to turn east on Highway 2. Unfortunately with the terrible hydro situation we have going on due to all the thawing and snow we’ve received this winter, things are a major mess. So pulling off on the shoulder or a gravel road to take pics was a no-no. Driving east on Highway 2 I noticed a small line of storms beginning to fire just east of me. Unfortunately, other than some heavy rain and some cloud to cloud lightning, there wasn’t much of a snow. After a quick pit stop in Centerville, I decided to call it a night as it was getting dark and things were getting cold once again.

Chase Map

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