Freezing Rain Event Jan 27, 2013

Freezing Rain Event Jan 27, 2013

Iowans across a large portion of the state woke up this morning to find most outdoor surfaces coated in a layer of ice.  A strong storm system brought rain that started about 3am today.  Of course with surface temps in the upper 20’s / 30’s, the rain froze to everything upon contact. This was anticipated at least, so most roads in the affected area were treated with anti-icing agent well in advance of today’s storm.

Temps quickly warmed up from the SW to NE across the state.  NE IA is encountering the worst of today’s storm, being the last ones to see rising temps.  NE IA is forecast to have upwards of a 1/4 inch of ice before temps warm up enough to start the melting.

The current weather warning map below shows the various warnings issued for the state today.  A freezing rain advisory covers a large portion of Central Iowa from NW to SE, while NE / E IA face either a Winter Storm Warning or Ice Storm Warning.

WX 1-27-13


Current Road conditions appear to be in pretty good shape, with the exception being the N /  NE / E IA areas.


Current surface temps as of this writing show the vast temperature difference across the state.

IA Temps 12713

As of now, all the heavier precip has left the state.  However we should expect on / off drizzle for the rest of our Sunday.  Tomorrow could be interesting with another front forecast to glide across the state, possibly bringing us rain and isolated thunderstorms.  Greatest chance of thunderstorms will be in the SE part of Iowa.

Thanks as always to Daryl and the team at the IEM for providing great maps and useful informaton!

Last but not least.  I went out venturing in the backyard this morning once the heavier rain had stopped and snapped a few photos. Enjoy!

[alpine-phototile-for-smugmug src=”user_gallery” ugal=”27743429″ ugalkey=”JKJsHP” imgl=”smugmug” style=”rift” row=”4″ num=”12″ size=”S” shadow=”1″ highlight=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″]

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