Gauging Interest….

Gauging Interest….

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  Not only does Mother Nature show her beautiful fall colors, but the humidity levels also drop.  Why is the humidity level important?  Lower humidity levels mean no more “Summer Haze” while shooting evening / nighttime Cityscapes!

Shooting cities / urban areas at night is one of my passions as many of you know.  I’m known for going off the beaten path, as well as finding unique scenes/shots. Sure you can take the same shots as everybody else and get beautiful results.  But why not look for a new angle or scene that’s different?  Sure, I’ve driven by the water tower below 10,000 times.  Did I ever happen to look up? No.  The simple water tower at night is one of my favorite urban photos.

So with that being said, I’ve decided to post a simple poll to gauge interest in having a FREE photo class on how to shoot a city at night.  This class would be held in Des Moines on a Saturday evening in October.  We’ll start at one location and move to a few sites around the downtown area.

[yop_poll id=”1″]

Think I just shoot big cities?  Wrong!  I’ve spent some quality time in smaller cities such as Ottumwa and Albia shooting interesting night time sights as well.  If you’re interested in this class, but not able to travel to Des Moines, please shoot me an email via my contact page and maybe I can bring a class to a city near you!  There are plenty of other cities around Iowa I’ve yet to visit at night. 😉

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