Geo tagging photos

So in browsing the Android Market over the weekend, I ran across something I’ve never thought of.  Why not run a gps application and tag one’s pics automatically with the location data?

Well as I found out, there’s a host of apps available.  One I found and decided to test was Geotag Photos.  It comes in both a lite (free) and a pro ($) version and it’s available for both Android and Iphones.  The lite version allows you to enable all features for about 8 hours.  Which should be enough time to go out on an expedition and try it out.  The program basically logs your gps data at intervals you can set.  This is after you make sure your camera and phone are on the same time.  You then log into their website, upload your gps data and you can use a java desktop app to geotag your photos.  I used it to geo tag the photos below.  It worked on both my raw (dng) and jpg photos.  You can also export a gpx file to your computer for creating gmaps, etc of your route.

One advantage to geotagging:  After allow Flickr to import the location data from your pics (under my account, privacy settings, default upload settings), it’ll automatically map them for you!  I can see this being very useful during a chase, especially when things get busy.

I can honestly say after playing with the app and such this afternoon, I’ll be purchasing the pro version.

I’ve linked the pics below to their respective Flickr pages to show the location data:

[flickrset id=”72157625926008427″ thumbnail=”square”]

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