Heavy rain & Thunderstorms expected this weekend..

Heavy rain & Thunderstorms expected this weekend..

Heavy rains are expected this weekend across the state.  Current weather models show upwards of 2 – 4 inches forecast to fall by Monday evening. Temps will remain well above freezing for the majority of the state, allow the precip to fall as rain, with some light snow possible across the far north Sunday evening.

The GFS model is showing an area of 3″ rain across the SE portion of Central Iowa.

gfsCGP_prec_precacc_054While the 4km NAM is showing an large area of 4+ inches across the NE quarter of the state.

nam4kmCGP_prec_precacc_057Thunderstorms are currently moving into the state, with areas of frequent lightning.  Not totally unheard of for Iowa in December, but certainly unusual without freezing temps.1212157304 inch soil temps from around the state today, so unusually warm conditions, especially for mid-December.  These temps should allow a good bit of the rain to soak in, with current soil moisture levels running 20-32%.

soilt_day1Remember, not to drive through flooded roads, as you may not know what lies underneath.  Turning around is always the safer option!

Let’s just be happy this isn’t falling as snow.  The typical snow fall ratio is 10:1….

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