Ice and Snow

Tuesday the 11th of December brought lots of ice to the area. Temps were warm enough aloft that a majority of the precip fell as freezing rain for a good portion of the storm here in my hometown. You know it’s bad when you wake up for work in the early morning hours to see it rain at a good clip, however the surface temp is below freezing.

After it was all said and done, we had about 1-1.5″ of ice on EVERYTHING. Many people lost power due to power lines snapping, power poles dropping, or in many cases, trees taking down line and poles. I was one of the very lucky ones who still had power on Tuesday evening. I can honestly say, driving back into town Tuesday night, it kind of reminded me of my time I spent in Louisiana for Katrina. Trees down everywhere, most of the town was dark. It was a bit eerie! The local energy companies did an excellent job of getting power back to most people within a couple of days. They had thought ahead for a change and had brought in lots and lots of extra people from around the area to help out.

On Saturday, we received another 3-4″ blanket of snow to go along with all of our ice. I do have to say, the trees do look kind of cool with the ice/snow on them, even though I’m surprised many are still standing with all the added weight.

Here’s a few pics I took around the area last week. Temps are forecast to be warmer this week, so lets hope we can melt the remaining ice on the trees…


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