Loss of another local store

I awoke this morning to the news that another locally owned camera store is closing it’s doors.  H.B Leiserowitz Co. located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa has decided to call it quits after over 120 years in business. 

True you can probably find it cheaper on line or in a big box store.  BUT do they stand behind every item?  Can they tell you first hand about an item you may be interested in? Or let you hold, feel, and discuss with you a piece of photo gear before you buy it?  Did you recently get a new camera?  Do you know what every button/knob does?  If not, a local camera store can help you learn your new purchase.  These are the kind of things a local camera can do for you that an online / big box store can’t.  Though I had only stopped into H.B Leiserowitz’s store a couple of times, I certainly have appreciated them being in business to serve my fellow photogs around the area. 

I urge you this holiday season to stop in to your local camera store and say hello!  Have a look around, and do what you can to support them.  Their numbers are twindling and we must certainly cherish those we have left.

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