July 6, 2014 The Unexpected…

July 6, 2014 The Unexpected…

I didn’t have really high hopes for today and needless to say, I kept myself planted at home.

Along came evening and I noticed on twitter, friend and fellow chaser Dan Gottschalk was out chasing NW of Cedar Rapids.  Looking at the storms on radar, they didn’t appear anything even remotely worth chasing.  Of course, he ends up finding this little beauty.

So after watching his stream for a bit, I notice on radar a couple of forming just north of me.  Being’s it’s close to sunset, I head out the door, planning on doing nothing but shooting some nice storm cloud – sunset pics. As soon as I’m out the door, a TOR is issued for Eastern Jasper Co, with a confirmed tornado on the ground.  Hmm, not to far away, but I have nothing other than my phone and camera with me.  Plus it’s going to be dark soon.  So I continue on my initial mission and find a good spot and snap a few pics.

While I’m doing this, a small non descript storm forms just NW of Monroe, moving SE.  Ok, enough prodding mother nature!  Off I go north.  I ended up basically halfway between Monroe and Prairie City looking at a very slowly rotating wall cloud.    Of course, it falls apart within 5 minutes.  I managed to get a couple of pics (pardon the totally bad, humidity induced image) before it totally falls apart.

Not bad for an unplanned chase, with nothing but my phone and camera with me!


Wall Cloud photo (this is what happens when you take ac cooled camera into high humidity outdoors!)


Cloud / Sunset Photos









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