June 5, 2010 — Not so much…

I thought A) being a Saturday and B) having a moderate risk forecast for the state would allow me to finally get a decent chase in.  Boy was I wrong AGAIN!

We started off the day with heavy clouds and rain, which is always a bad sign.  I kept an eye on things through out the day and kept the optimism up for some discrete supercells to form.  Apparently I wasn’t alone, as many a chaser and even Vortex 2 took up staging positions around the SE quarter of the state.  Finally about 4-5 pm, things started to fire.  Of course being Iowa in 2010, our storms ended up only being a squall line that quickly moved thru.  Many Illinois chasers quickly backtracked into Illinois, as discrete supercells quickly formed and became severe.  Several chasers who hung back in Ill, were treated to many tornadoes.  Unfortunately, lots of damage and injuries were reported.

I on the other hand, went out for a 20 min drive around town and experienced a brief downpour and a little wind.  Yaayyy.

Here’s a link to a thread on Stormtrack that features several pics and videos from chasers in Illinois.

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