Lead me not to temptation…A backyard chase 06.18.10

After a morning MCS rolled through the area, I honestly wasn’t expecting much of anything this evening. Apparently I was wrong!

Listening to the skywarn net on the way home, I heard a storm was quickly developing west of Knoxville about 40 miles. Once home, I checked the radar and what do ya know..It was moving directly East! I quickly gathered the gear and headed out the door.

I decided to head south and try to view the storm from the always popular south side of it. I managed to get to the intersection of Marion County road G-76 and state Hwy 14 before it arrived. The lighting was great and man were the skies dark! Just then another Tornado Warning went out for this baby. I backtracked a couple of miles and then stopped to snap a few still pics. The shelf cloud was awesome!

I then traveled back to the SE to stay ahead of it. Apparently it was no longer going 30 knots, as it quickly caught up with me. Once in Albia,Iowa; I turned west on Hwy 34 and decided to head home as it was a linear type storm and starting to bow out.

Final thoughts: It was nice to be home for a change when a storm came a knockin’! (I’m usually off chasing somewhere else when things hit near the homestead)

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