Living History Farms Photography Day 2018 Changes

Living History Farms Photography Day 2018 Changes

As you’ve probably seen, I am co-hosting a day of photography education on September 15th, which also WAS the same date as the 13th Annual Living History Farms’ Photography Day.  Why is this on the same day?  Let me explain…

Organizer Charley Starnes and primary sponsor Christian Photo are no longer a part of this event that LHF has rebranded History Through The Lens.  Due to these changes, Mike Cox Photography will not be conducting any classes at LHF this year, and instead will be co-hosting an event with Willard Sharp Photography at a temporary venue located in Van Meter, Iowa.  More details about my event can be found at:

I hope you will consider joining Willard and I in Van Meter on Sept 15th.  We have picked a beautiful location that’s easy to access and has great facilities.  I have enjoyed the informal classes I’ve help teach over the past few years, and our event will certainly follow along the same lines.  

Below is the statement from Christian Photo regarding Photography Day —-

Photography Day Changes and New Classes

URBANDALE, IA — For the past 12 years, Christian Photo has sponsored and organized the mid-September Photography Day at Living History Farms in Urbandale, Iowa. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Christian Photo was not able to establish a sponsorship agreement with Living History Farms for this event in 2018.

Christian Photo would like to thank the many organizers, instructors, and photographers who have been a part of our involvement with this event over the years. For the last 11 years, Charley Starnes has been the visionary leader of our efforts to turn this day into the largest single-day photography event in the Midwest. He has worked with our team to bring together dozens of photography instructors, camera clubs, and industry representatives to provide central Iowa with a truly remarkable experience.

At Christian Photo, we are excited about these changes which bring new opportunities for photography education. Development is under way for a new Christian Photo-sponsored Photography Day to take place in 2019 at a new location in the Des Moines metro area.

We have an “Editing Your Photos in Lightroom” class that will be held September 15, 2018 in the Christian Photo classroom. We also have a complete schedule of fall classes which start on August 11, with Beginning Photography. Photographers can register for individual classes on topics that cover the entire Digital Photography workflow. More information on these classes can be found on the Christian Photo website at

Christian Photo is committed to serving our customers by providing great products, services and educational opportunities.

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