March 22, 2011 SW IA Chase

Today was forecast to be an “exciting” day weather wise, as a classic triple was forecast to set up over the state. Chasers from all over converged on Iowa.

Keeping things brief – Departed from work in DSM at approx 4pm, targeting SW IA. I took I-80 west, and bailed off at Highway 25 as multiple storms were approaching from the SW. Those puppies were screaming NE at speeds of 40-60 knots! Ended up traveling south to Creston, then blasted East on Highway 34 just as a tornadic supercell approached from the SW. Managed to pull over and shoot a few pics seconds after the tornado roped out. I missed it by seconds! I did get a few glimpses in the ol rearview mirror while searching for a good stopping point. After that, meandered my way back towards home, keeping ahead of the cold front induced MCS.

Managed to get my 1st tornado ever during March! Instead of going full bore this year, I’ve slimmed down my chasing hardware and have went to a slimmer approach, which worked well. A few bugs to work out, but hey, that’s half the fun! 😉

I can honestly say, I haven’t seen that many chasers in Iowa in March in a long time. I glad mother nature didn’t disappoint us.

My few pics:

[flickrset id=”72157626336735908″ thumbnail=”square” overlay=”true” size=”large”]

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