March 6, 2017 – A look back

March 6, 2017 – A look back

The storm season started off with a vengeance one year ago today when a QLCS storm system moved across the state spawning 6 tornadoes across the Central Iowa area.  Including 2 in my home county of Marion County.  I still remember this night as it was yesterday.  I traveled west to Indianola, Iowa to capture some lightning, which of course ended up dying out as everything was coming together and I got set up.  As I traveled back home (attempting to stay ahead of the line), my phone suddenly went berserk as a Tornado warning was issued for Marion County.  I quickly pulled up the radar to find  a well defined notch in the line coming directly towards my location.  Below are screen shots from my phone..

After viewing the radar and having a good “GULP”, I “expedited” my travel down Hwy 92, eventually pulling off about 4 miles west of Knoxville with intentions of monitoring for any development.  Thought I don’t have any of my own video / photos to show what I saw, another resident, Chad Hines, captured the small tornado west of Knoxville. Below is that video used with permission.  I use this video in my weather safety talks. 

Luckily I did mange to stay E/SE of the actual tornado, however I did encounter some extremely strong RFD type winds, that caused several light poles to be blown down just to my East.  Luckily, I came out of the event unscathed.  There were several homes damaged in the area by this EF 1 rated tornado. 

This same storm system also caused EF2 damage to the town of Seymour, Iowa.  Luckily, no deaths were reported across the state from this storm system.   I cannot stress enough the importance of owning a weather radio and paying attention to the weather.  Also – for newbies to the storm chasing arena —  This is why one does not chase at night!  Not all hazards are visible!

For more information on that night of twisters, here’s the NWS Des Moines’ page:

Here’s a few pics I captured a few days later of various tornado damage from Marion County and the town of Seymour.

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