May 21, 2011 – Southwest Iowa Chase

Having not chased in a long while, I was definitely anxious to get out and chase some storms again.  Storms were forecast to begin NE KS and eventually move towards Iowa.  Well this is exactly what happened.

My initial target was Red Oak Iowa.  Well as I got closer to Red Oak, I decided that of all the times I’ve been to SW IA, I’d never stopped in Villisica, Iowa and looked at the famous Axe Murder House.  Well wouldn’t you know it, I managed to arrive 1 hr after they closed for the day.  Darn!  Oh well, I still got a few pics of it which are below.  I’m sure I’ll be back down there again and maybe next time I can go inside for a tour.

After visiting Villisca (nice town btw), I meandered towards Clarinda.  After grabbing some fuel and food, I noticed a storm forming back to my east.  So I hopped on Hwy 2 and raced (not really, I stayed within the speed limit!) towards it.  Of course, it fizzled out after looking spectacular for a few moments.  I then headed back north to intercept a line (blah) of storms moving into the state.  I snapped a couple of pics from just SE of Lenox and then headed back towards the ranch, since I really didn’t want to encounter the big hail present in the storm.

Thoughts: Long drive, not much to show for it.  It was great to get out again though.  I think I needed that more than anything.


[flickrset id=”72157626666244365″ thumbnail=”small” photos=”” overlay=”true” size=”large”]


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