Mother Nature brings us back to earth…

Mother Nature brings us back to earth…

Living in Iowa, one tends to come to a conclusion fairly quickly…. For every nice, beautiful, warm day in January, there will be paybacks!

Remember that nice stretch of days in Mid January, where the temps were 50+?  This weekend mother nature decided to get us back.  Pay us back she did!  Iowa along with a host of other states received 10-12+ inches of the white stuff as well as temps back in the signal digits to low teens.

A look at the snowfall totals from around the state.  Notice how I-80 from DSM east became sort of the winner for the highest totals?


Also for those of you in Iowa (or traveling through for that matter), the Iowa DOT has this extremely cool and handy new website.  If you haven’t heard of it, be sure to check it out!  You can now track all of the state snow plows, see if they’re applying sand / salt, and even catch a glimpse from their Dash.  It is a pretty cool site if I do say so myself.  Here’s the link: Iowa DOT Track a Plow.   If you’re looking for the normal driving conditions map, you can always check out for the latest information as well.

I leave you with a couple of photos from around town I took this morning.  Yeah the snow sucked to shovel, but it does make for some nice scenery!

[alpine-phototile-for-smugmug src=”user_gallery” ugal=”47288971″ ugalkey=”HKRJvR” imgl=”smugmug” style=”cascade” col=”4″ num=”30″ size=”Th” shadow=”1″ highlight=”1″ align=”center” max=”100″ nocredit=”1″]


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