Perseids 1 – Mike Zero

Perseids 1 – Mike Zero

After hearing all of the hype about the “very active” Perseid Meteor Shower this past August, I decided to try my hand at capturing a few fireballs during the night of August 13th.  Unfortunately I struck out on the fireball scene, but did manage to have some fun as well as capture a million airplanes flying over Southern Marion County.

So as the saying goes, when mother nature gives you lemons, you make lemonade.  Below is a 20 image composite star trail from that evening. 


The foregound of this image was shot by an old brick silo and was at the bottom of a hill.  Attempting to get everything level both vertically and horizontally was impossible.

Though astrophotograhy isn’t generally my cup of tea, it is fun to try out new things.  It appears that meteors are much like the Aurora and dislike being captured by me. 😉

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