Rare January Severe Wx Event Shaping Up

Rare January Severe Wx Event Shaping Up

As I write this, a unusually strong severe weather event is taking shape across the Southern US.  The SPC has issued their first moderate risk of the year for the lower Mississippi and Tennessee River Valleys.

SPC Day 1 Outlook 1630z

SPC Day 1 Tornado Probability 1630z

A powerful Low with an associated cold front is forecast to move through the area later today and into tomorrow.  This coupled with a retreating warm front in the area will combine to produce very favorable conditions for all modes of severe weather including some powerful tornadoes.

Current SFC Map

SFC Map Monday 06z

I think now would be a good time for all of us to check to make sure our NOAA weather radios are programmed and working properly.  Even though we’re not affected by the severe weather yet in Iowa, it will come soon enough.

Multiple storm chasers are already enroute to or have already arrived in the area of Eastern Arkansas where initiation looks to take place later this afternoon.  Several chasers have live streams up and going, so you can follow along as they chase.  I have started a list of live streaming sites which can be found on the bottom right side of my homepage.

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