Site changes, and a few other notes…

As you can probably tell, I’ve changed the name and url of my site from to For those of you looking for Jayson Prentice’s site, he’s now @  The move was a tad entertaining, but I’m pretty sure all the bugs have been worked out for the most part. (Crosses fingers)

My goal for 2011 is to chase more and focus on my still photography. Video will be taking a back seat per say.  As part of that, I won’t be streaming live from the field this year.  Technology over the years has made chasing with all the latest gadgets and programs a pain.  Having to babysit your live stream, video cam, laptop, etc, has frustrated me on many occasions and made me miss some awesome shots over the years.  For that reason, I’m simplifying things this year and slimming down on chasing equipment.

One last note, if you haven’t heard or seen, I’ve started a general photography site called .  It’s hosted over at SmugMug and is where I’ll be posting a lot of my general photography pics.


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