Solar Eclipse 2017 Approaches

Solar Eclipse 2017 Approaches

There’s just 36 days (as of this writing) until Solar Eclipse 2017!  Are you ready?

I’ll be one of the thousands of people out and about on Monday, August 21st to not only witness, but to capture the event as it unfolds.  Here’s a short list of my preparations so far…

My equipment prep so far:

  • Renting a Sigma 50-500mm lens for the event
  • Solar Filter has been made and successfully tested
  • Eclipse glasses have been purchased and received
    •  Even if you just want to view the eclipse, you’ll need these!



  • Depending on cloud cover / weather the day of the eclipse, my tentative plan is to be somewhere in the area below (click the image for a bigger version).  Exact location will be better determined during the weekend leading up to the event.
  • My ultimate goal is to find a secluded gravel road with an interesting foreground object to be in frame.  Will I be that lucky?  I’m not sure.  There’s going to be LOTS of people out there with me.

If you haven’t already made your preparations, you’re way behind, but there’s still hope!  While many locations selling solar filters / solar paper are in fact sold out, there are some that are still available.  Places like and B & H Photo still have variations / supplies in stock, but you’d better hurry!

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