The draw down begins!

The Army Corps of Engineers has begun their draw down of Lake Red Rock to make some repairs…

The well announced lowering of Lake Red Rock has finally begun. Instead of the normal pool level of 742 feet above sea level, the lake’s going to be down to 732 ft above sea level. Why are they doing this? Well according to the Corps, they need to make some massive repairs to the cables on the huge taintor gates on the dam. Also with this the Iowa DNR hopes to plant / develop some reefs and such in the lake for fish. One interesting fact: Approximately 7,000 acres of mud flats will be exposed with the lowering. Wowsers!

A Link to Lake Red Rock Information

A few pics from today

A look near the beach

Here’s looking down the dam from E to W

The shrinking water level at the South Overlook boatramp

The Corps attempting to lengthen a boat ramp. I don’t think it’ll be use in much longer!

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