Updates, Katrina Anniversary

As you can tell, I’ve done a bit of updating around the ol site this weekend.  Having been with the original theme since I changed to a blog style website, I figured it was about time for a change.  This theme is a lot more friendly on my end and looks a tad cleaner as well.  I hope you all enjoy it!

Every where you look and turn to this weekend, the 5 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina is thrown in your face.  Well, I decided to hop on the bang wagon as well! 😛  Here’s a link to a slide show I put together via powerpoint showcasing part of the EMS response to the gulf coast. The slide show is best viewed in IE.  Here’s another link to my pics on Flickr from my 2 week stint down there.

Speaking of hurricanes, thanks to 2 High’s in the eastern US, Hurricane’s Danielle and Earl are being deflected away from the US.  Things do look to be picking up however in the Atlantic as we head into the peak of hurricane season.

Locally, things are finally beginning to dry out.  Many places that have been lakes most of the summer due to the heavy rains are actually draining and drying up.  Many farmers across the state of lost many crops this year due to the near record rainfall.  Let’s hope they all have insurance.

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