Water Water everywhere and not a drop to drink…

As many of you know, Iowa has received a great deal of rain within the past week. Many locations in Central / Southern Iowa are up over 8″ of rain for the month of June so far.

While running some other errands, I stopped in Des Moines at Waterworks park and snapped a few pics of the flooding going on from the Raccoon River. We’re not quite in the same situation we were in earlier this year with flooding, but if it keeps up, we’ll once again be keeping a weary eye on the rivers and levees.

[flickrset id=”72157624269578460″ thumbnail=”square” overlay=”true” size=”medium”]

A late side note — A day after I posted these pics on my Flickr account, the Editors at Flickr HQ picked a couple of them for their flash flooding gallery.  Here’s a link to their gallery.

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