Winter storm causes major headaches

A massive winter storm is currently in progress across the upper Midwest.  Blizzard warnings are up for a large part of Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin at this hour.  What was forecast as a storm to affect mainly northern Iowa and Minnesota, has in fact traveled further south and affected a larger portion of the area.

All weather forecasts / model data indicated that the system was to travel somewhere near the Iowa/Minnesota border this morning.  Meaning that the bulk of the snow would fall in northern Iowa, etc.  Low and behold (pun intended 😀 ) the system moved further south and caught all of us in Central Iowa by surprise when we awoke this morning!  Nothing like waking to a Blizzard Warning and a snow forecast of 5-8″ when the night before, hardly an inch for forecast.  All I can say is that no matter how much technology we have, mother nature still rules!

Many roads at this hour are impassable, as the IDOT has pulled many of their plows off roads due to Blizzard conditions.  You can see via the map below, many roads are closed, with no travel recommended on several others.

Here’s a map showing the incredibly tight pressure gradient on the backside of the low, resulting in winds 20-30 with gusts to 50 and above. (Click to enlarge)

As you can see, cold air is continuing the filter into the state from the west.  It’s going to be a very cold and windy weekend.

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